Painting By Tom Pryor

9410 Second Ave
Stone Harbor NJ
Events @ Beacon Art
2024 Exhibitions at Beacon Art will continue to feature the growing cadre of regional and national artists. 
 2024 Artist Exhibition Calendar

May 1st
Jaanika Peerna

Memorial Day Weekend
Ted Walsh
Seek One
Daniel Colon

June 15th
Tom Pryor
Kevin Cummins

June 28th
Kathy Feighery

July 6th
Karen McCool
Robert Stickloon

July 20th
Caitlin Accurso

August 3rd
Randall Graham

August 17th
Scott Troxel

September 7th
Peter Davidson

Join us for Opening Receptions from 5pm-7pm on the dates listed above.

Painting By Tom Pryor
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