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Kathy Feighery
"[She] sees 'nature forcing its way back through the territory it once held.'"

Gary Jacketti
Jodi Lee Maurer
"Both types of painting are gestural capturing the presence of the landscape."
Jeff Schaller
"Instantaneously setting powerful brush strokes that evoke an emotional connection of the viewer to the past and reflect on their sensibility in the present as a result of their memory."
Cindy Press
“Clothes are a personal decision and what we choose to wear is the way we express ourselves. Often it’s a gesture or pose I am interested in, it’s there that I see the history of figure or portrait painting.”
Jeff Schaller
"I create textural art pieces which incorporate representational form with the printed word. In essence, the visual and written symbols merge to create a unique aesthetic language that is both provocative and whimsical."

Jack Florczyk
"Through the use of his collage-like painting style, Jack uses the figure as a means of expression. His work explores themes like identity, its relationship with time, and all of the different perspectives that exist among us as people; all while being exciting visually through a strong use of color and form."

Jennifer Hansen-Rolli
"As far back as I can remember, I have had a perpetual desire to create."
Michael Kellner
"I know that any effort to convey the immensity of an experience will never be enough and yet I still find that effort meaningful."
Ted Walsh
"The process of making paintings... is a productive way to reconcile the gap between the outside world and the thoughts I have about this world."

Jay McClellan
"The calmness that it brings to me, and the happiness that they bring to me, I want to paint those ideas."
Lisa Zukowski
"I find there is beauty in age; the passage of time, the decay and the layers accumulated over the years."
Peter Bynum
"It [paint] articulates a model of the life force in action. It’s like an expression of communal possibility, a fluid decision system, with energy always coming from somewhere and going to somewhere."
Janet Cass
"..The camera records without thought. The result is layers of complexity and sophistication.."

Peter Davidson
Carla Goldberg
"The fluidity of line meandering through deep layers of watery, pooling resin is my visual language."

Sarah Becktel
" [Sarah's] work explores the beauty of the animal kingdom and the delicate balance of conserving Earth’s biodiversity. Sarah hopes that her work allows viewers to both connect with the natural world and consider how human civilization continues to impact the animal species of our planet."
Whitney Knapp
"In my work, I strive to integrate these realms [land, sea, and sky] through my use of atmosphere for both perceptual and metaphorical purposes."
Mark MacKinnon
"For the appearance of the land and the objects upon it generally results from the control which man himself exerts over the material and forces of nature just as truly and as completely as the sculptor controls the appearance of the natural stone which he shapes."
Jaanika Peerna
"I am a vessel gathering subtle and rapturous processes in nature, using the experiences and impulses to make my work."
Steve Tootell