Kate Daley
Memory has always inspired me as an artist. Recollections of family members, places and events I remember from my childhood shape how I see the world and filter into my creative work. I'm interested in how these childhood experiences continue to affect us as adults.
In my most recent series of work, I'm examining what it means to be a girl and woman. I am exploring the relationships I've had with the women in my family and how they have influenced me. I'm looking at what kind of women they have been -- as mothers, sisters, wives, and how they have looked, dressed, and acted. Through the creative process, I'm asking questions about how all of this has made me the person I've become.
For my most recent series, entitled "Generate", I chose to work with photo-based screen prints and mixed media. In developing the screen prints, I transformed the original photographs by size, proportion, and color to create new foci and contexts for the images.
Finn on Blue
10" x 12"
Mother and Daughter
9" x 9"
*All Framed in 18" x 22" frames
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